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Resumen biográfico Medarex and BankInvest Biomedical Development Venture Fund announced that they have established a new Danish company to develop and commercialize an assortment of human antibodies using the HuMAb Mouse (TM) technology from Medarex hair loss seborrheic dermatitis. The new company, Genmab, received approximately $ 5.5 million in initial funding, BankInvest VF as the leading investor and A / S Dansk Erhvervsinvestering and other co-investors. Genmab will be owned by Medarex and these investors.

Genmab will use the Danish medical and research institutes of high quality to carry out clinical trials with human antibody products. Genmab will also have the opportunity to sign contracts with Medarex through product development resources, including the manufacturing and antibody development expertise of Medarex.

Genmab will focus primarily on the development of several products for the treatment of inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis, and has a license for certain rights of Medarex to MDX-CD4, a human antibody in clinical trials of the Phase I / II for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Whoever hitherto wanted to know with the utmost certainty whether he had psoriasis had to be under the knife: Then a small piece of skin was taken from a so-called bopsie treatment for seborrheic keratosis. Soon the painful, but at least unpleasant, operation might be unnecessary: Dr. Julia Weizel has developed a device to look under the skin - and that is unique worldwide.

The device has already been used at the dermatological clinic of the University of Lübeck. Within seconds the employees of the clinic can see what is under the skin of the patient. The method is called "Optical Coherence Tomography" (OCT). Not only can it be seen hair loss seborrheic dermatitis whether it is a psoriasis. Also the course of a therapy is so controllable. This can be seen quickly, if a drug does not strike - then nothing changes under the skin.

The dermatologists from Lübeck also hope for their device to recognize skin cancer at an early stage. First promising investigations are under way here. OCT is the term for a physical measurement method, in which infrared comparison beam is matched, a computer creates a two-dimensional image of the analyzed region.

"In medical technology, OCT has so far been used mainly in eye examinations because the eye is very translucent," says Dr. Welzel. Now, for the first time, it has been possible to develop a powerful device with which the "opaque" skin can also be examined. The radiation itself is harmless to man; the examination can be repeated indefinitely.