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Resumen biográfico The procedure is similar to that of an ultrasound device. In the case of ultrasound, however, optical reflections - the sound waves - are not visualized. Also the type of application is comparable to an ultrasound device best shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis scalp: With a "handpiece" the doctor travels over the site. In real-time, image-filling up to a centimeter wide and a maximum of 1.7 millimeters deep recordings of the skin. Cornea, epidermis and dermis are mutually exclusive, even tiny blood vessels and sweat glands are easily visible.

Dr. Welzel: "The skin recordings are considerably better than those of ultrasound equipment. Their resolution is much lower and the images are correspondingly worse. "Furthermore, the use of the cold and glibber gel is unnecessary in the OCT method, which makes an ultrasound examination so unpleasant for many people and can falsify images.
Advantages of optical biopsy

Waiting for tissue samples: A tissue collection can only be carried out once. The suspicious skin lesion is thus cut out of the body. In optical diagnosis, however, no intervention is necessary. The corresponding skin site can be re-examined at any time. The extent of  seborrheic dermatitis home treatment a skin lesion can be accurately assessed: doctors can very well determine the extent of inflammation, the effects of an injury, or whether a longer lasting cortisone treatment thins the skin excessively.

The success of a therapy is visible at an early stage: If a new psoriasis patient starts a new treatment, the course can be checked with regular examinations. If the therapy fails, this can be recognized and influenced in a short time. This has so far only been possible with a seborrheic dermatitis scalp cure microscopic examination of removed tissue. The efficacy and tolerability of care products and cosmetics can be tested: The influence OCT can determine exactly which influence certain ointments or soaps have on the skin.

Thus the Lübeck Dermatologists volunteers 20 minutes their hands in water or lye. They then found that soap-free washers - so-called syndets - have a lesser source effect on the skin than water or soap and also no longer have a so-drying effect as soap. In patients with occupational skin diseases, it could be determined in this way that the wearing of protective gloves has a negative effect on the skin and should therefore be combined with special creams.

Early diagnosis of skin tumors is the goal: the patient can already be saved from a tissue collection when it comes to the question "tumor or inflammation?". The spread of a skin tumor can also be determined using the OCT method Early detection of malignant tissue is only possible when image resolution is further improved and penetrates the microscopic area. Initial experiments with refined technology are already underway.